Monday, March 2, 2009

Video Upload + Tagged!

Hey guys, so it's Monday afternoon. I flew back from Maui early this morning, and I had such a great, fun weekend. My younger brother (5yo) plays tee-ball, so I watched them play their game, it's so cute! Spent lots of time with my boyfriend, eating and watching movies as usual. We watched Madea goes to Jail, which was okay, I usually love Tyler Perry movies. Did some shopping for toiletries for my dorm etc. And got some more revlon cream shadows, covergirl loose powder, and some more cheap items.

The weather here is crazy! It's been raining and windy as hell this past weekend. I kinda like it though. I love getting to wear my boots and scarves, and bundle up.

Well I'm uploading a video now (purple and gray smokey eye) and gonna make a video because I got tagged! I got the 'what's in my purse' tag, so I'm excited to do it. Yay to all my new subscribers also. Well gonna go surf the net for a bit, ttyl!

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