Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

The only good thing about Spring Break being over; is that Summer vacation gets closer. My vacation seemed very long haha, but I had so much fun each day. Everyday is so entertaining with my family, especially with my siblings. Spent my time eating all kinds of food, taking my brother to his t-ball games/practices, obsessing over twilight movie and reading my book. I was very strict on my spending and didn't but much (no clothes!).

John worked practically all week so I saw him first thing in the morning (he sleeps over with me when I visit) until he goes to work then late at night when he's done. It's amazing how he still makes me laugh my ass off and understands my crazy ways.

I left my camera USB at home :'( *freaks out* so I can't upload the pics and videos I planned on editing to make a 'spring break' video. GAHHHH! And my laptop doesn't have the right port for my memory card. So oh wellllll...

I'm so obsessed (so is my mom and sister) over the Twilight Saga. I have like 2 posters of Edward lol and like watch everything Twilight on youtube. I love New Moon<3.>
*New video posted: Haul: MAC, China Glaze, and other goodies. (yay for zebra nails)!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!

Just one more class tomorrow morning and I'm officially one Spring Break. Anyways I feel like my flu is slowly fading away. I just took this HUGE nyquil liquid tablet and I know I'm gonna crash pretty soon.

I posted my 'yellow & green' tutorial. And my 'spring & easter' tutorial is still uploading. Listing the products will be TOO LONG. So once it's uploaded go check it out on
Home tomorrow, leaving at 1:50 yayyyyyyyyy. <33 Have a great summer break loves.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1) Equate Exfoliating Facial Wipes
2) Aveeno Overnight Lotion
3) Paul Mitchell Soothing Hair Serum
4) MAC Beige-ing & Engraved e/p
5) MAC Walnut/Ivorie Brow Shader
6) Scunci Bobbi Pins

Two more videos I edited, but will post later:
- Nail Tools
- Yellow & Green Tutorial

Recorded vids, not edited:
- GUITAR HERO! Me and my siblings goofing around ;P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Custom Brush Holder + St. Patty's Day Look

Yellow & Green [MY ST. PATTY'S DAY LOOK]

Hey girlies so this is going to be my look I'm going to wear tomorrow for St. Patty's Day. I recorded a tutorial but didn't put it up so it's too late to call it a 'st. pattys day look' so I'll just call it yellow&green =].





- I will be posting a video tutorial on this; probably tomorrow.

I also uploaded a new video: "Custom Brush Holder + Art Brushes" so check that out<3.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Videos to Edit + HW to do :/

Hey guys hope you had a nice weekend. I sure did! I notice that when I'm home I'm constantly eating lol. Everyone (including my family and my bf's family) love to make me food when I'm home :). The food here at school is okay, but it gets tiring.

Anyways haven't posted any videos for a few days. Gonna edit some soon, I have three I think that I've recorded but haven't edited. Oh yeah! And I got tagged by DefineRoxanne to do a '6 products I can't live w/o.' So I'm excited to do that one.

I've got a paper to write and a survey to create for tomorrow. So I want to get that out of the way first. What a Monday huh? Oh well only 4 more days 'til I go back home hehe for spring break YAY! =]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara

MY REVIEW So I bought this new mascara from Longs Drugs. It's the cutest thing. Obviously the packaging is pink and black with like fishnet print. And the best part is that crown, hehe! The bristles are very precise (very similar to sephora atomic volume) the different sized bristles help grasp and pull your lashes. The application is okay, the straight shape makes it kind of hard to get into the middle of your lashes. I find it better than the lash blast, which tends to jump clump and not separate as well. As for lasting effects, I was so surprised that my lashes still held it's shape. And I noticed that the length was still present. The length is amazing! It made my lashes look so much longer and you could see my individual lashes (not clumps). So it's true to what it says about lengthening your lashes.

"Ultra Volume, high definition mascara" is what it says on the packaging.
And I bought 001 Black.
4.5/5 Rating; Doesn't thicken well, but elongates and doesn't clump =].

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soft Brown and Pink + Dorm Tour

Soft brown and pink look:
Products *MAC unless otherwise stated
Beige-ing Shadestick
Lovestone Mineralized e/s [all over lid]
Cranberry e/s [outer corner & waterline]
Amber Lights e/s [above crease]
Phloof e/s [highlight & inner tear duct]
Engraved Eyeliner
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara

Sephora Liquid Foundation D35
MSF in Medium Dark/Natural [all over]
MSF Shimmer [highlight cheek bones]
MSF Petticoat [apples of cheeks]

Pink Fish Lip Conditioner
Caramellow Lip Liner
Fabby Lipstick

Hey so I posted up my dorm room tour [part1&2] which I recorded last week. I made tons of annotations with organization tips, design tips, and storage names so please take the time to check that out! I'm so excited that there are a few people who've been telling me they are using my videos to change up their own rooms :). Like my friend Allison, Prim, and her cousin Marz. It makes me happy, hehe.

I recorded two vids today. 1) Talking about eyeshadow palettes, depotting, making it your own. 2) Mini drug store and MAC haul.

I realized how much work making a make-up tutorial is! So I'm just gonna put the look and tutorial on here. And if anyone requests it then I'll make a video. Oh and yeah! I painted my nails gray with pink polka dots.. laaav it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Custom Eyeshadow Palettes!!

So I had a lot of time on my hands. I had this mini dvd+rw disc next to me and thought about making it into a palette. So here's how it came out! So the first one is a brown/gold/black theme to match the cheetah print. And the second is a pink theme with pink zebra print (so sexy!). I had these prints saved as "backgrounds" for my computer so I simply printed them out and cut them to fit the CD case. Check out the videos on my youtube.

Sephora by O.P.I

I WANT!!! They're only $9. Aren't they soooo cute? The colors are so hot! I'm liking the one all the way to the right of the picture above. So I've been browsing and did some ratings and stuff. I really want to go to the mall and check them out :).

Fire alarms suck.

Quest crew won for ABDC, I really wasn't surprised. All-boy bboy crews always win haha. But I kinda wished Beat Freaks would win, oh well I didn't vote anyway.

Okay so earlier while I was watching the finale (10:50ish) the fire alarm goes off at my dorm. I'm like NOOOO. And you could hear everyone in the dorm kinda say the same thing. So we were outside for like a frickn' hour (in the DAMN COLD, windy, drizzly), it sucked. So I got back in not too long ago, and that just irritated me. But I'm okay now that I'm warm. I swear my dorm has had so many fire alarms it's ridiculous!

My speech went good today. I noticed I kept swaying my body during my speech, ughh! (We have to record& watch our speech). But very few people showed up in class, so that made it easier. Other than that today was okay. There was a huge protest thing going on at our school, it was crazzzyy. People telling us that we're all sinners, going to hell unless we turn to God. It's like; I don't need you to preach to me - everyone has their own beliefs - NO ONE IS RIGHT & NO ONE IS WRONG. Just have faith, that's what I think.

I have to discect a fetal pig tomorrow omg I don't want to :(. It grosses me out lol. If it's an organ I'm okay with it, but it's a whole entire baby pig!

Gonna go edit a video and post it up so, peace <3.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Increase the peace!

Hey so I'm currently TRYING to study for my anthropology quiz. It's kinda of boring and common sense type things so I'm not too worried. I have my speech tomorrow ahh! I'm getting a little nervous. Anyways I'm watching my roommates dog (no were not supposed to have one) 'cause she was whining so she's just cruising around my room.

Next week is going to be HELL. Why? Because I have like 4 EXAMS and 1 SPEECH. Like that's insane! 2 EXAMS on Monday, one on thursday (speech on thursday, too!), and one on Friday. GRR I'm so worried and mad. lol.

So a friend of mine deleted her youtube because of people hating. And that is so lame, for people to hate like that! It's like.. why come on myspace to just leave nasty comments. It's like you have no life. And that person is probably a stupid insecure person on their computer typing away thinking THEY'RE SOOOO COOL. So lame. It's like, fuckk off haters. Sorry for the language. I get some haters too. Like one person said 'who cares about your hair?' It's like, well don't watch FOOL the title only says NEW HAIR, dummmmy.

It's okay val, you do what you do girl; I'm gonna miss the vids :(.

So there's my little rant. I cleaned my room today, major! And did a room tour so I'm gonna do that later 'cause I'm gonna be busy.

BTW, youtube for me is just for fun. A way of expressing myself, because I love love design, fashion, makeup and organizing. So deal with it =P!

New Video: Product Reviews

I'm waiting for my youtube video to upload. Yes, I made another video. It's going to be on product reviews (mostly negative reviews). But I wanted to let other people know about the quality of the products. So look out for that video. I'm like really hyper and I was laughing at myself when I watched my video haha, so yeah enjoy it.

So I finally finished my informative speech! I must say, it's fricking awesome. I'm so proud of myself. It came out to 4 pages, and I made my power point to go with it, then made my notecards. I just simply printed out my outline and glued them to the index card, lol, is that bad?!! Whatever, speeches don't scare me anyways. I'm comfortable talking in front of people.

Today was so boring at school, watching speeches, listening to economic lecture, then an anthropology video. Atleast it was cruise. I have a quiz and speech on thursday, and two midterms both on monday, aaahhh!

Well I'm going to go watch some TV to kill time. I start class super late tomorrow, at 1:30 so I can stay up late AND sleep in :) yay. <3.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Video Upload + Tagged!

Hey guys, so it's Monday afternoon. I flew back from Maui early this morning, and I had such a great, fun weekend. My younger brother (5yo) plays tee-ball, so I watched them play their game, it's so cute! Spent lots of time with my boyfriend, eating and watching movies as usual. We watched Madea goes to Jail, which was okay, I usually love Tyler Perry movies. Did some shopping for toiletries for my dorm etc. And got some more revlon cream shadows, covergirl loose powder, and some more cheap items.

The weather here is crazy! It's been raining and windy as hell this past weekend. I kinda like it though. I love getting to wear my boots and scarves, and bundle up.

Well I'm uploading a video now (purple and gray smokey eye) and gonna make a video because I got tagged! I got the 'what's in my purse' tag, so I'm excited to do it. Yay to all my new subscribers also. Well gonna go surf the net for a bit, ttyl!