Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara

MY REVIEW So I bought this new mascara from Longs Drugs. It's the cutest thing. Obviously the packaging is pink and black with like fishnet print. And the best part is that crown, hehe! The bristles are very precise (very similar to sephora atomic volume) the different sized bristles help grasp and pull your lashes. The application is okay, the straight shape makes it kind of hard to get into the middle of your lashes. I find it better than the lash blast, which tends to jump clump and not separate as well. As for lasting effects, I was so surprised that my lashes still held it's shape. And I noticed that the length was still present. The length is amazing! It made my lashes look so much longer and you could see my individual lashes (not clumps). So it's true to what it says about lengthening your lashes.

"Ultra Volume, high definition mascara" is what it says on the packaging.
And I bought 001 Black.
4.5/5 Rating; Doesn't thicken well, but elongates and doesn't clump =].

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