Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Video: Product Reviews

I'm waiting for my youtube video to upload. Yes, I made another video. It's going to be on product reviews (mostly negative reviews). But I wanted to let other people know about the quality of the products. So look out for that video. I'm like really hyper and I was laughing at myself when I watched my video haha, so yeah enjoy it.

So I finally finished my informative speech! I must say, it's fricking awesome. I'm so proud of myself. It came out to 4 pages, and I made my power point to go with it, then made my notecards. I just simply printed out my outline and glued them to the index card, lol, is that bad?!! Whatever, speeches don't scare me anyways. I'm comfortable talking in front of people.

Today was so boring at school, watching speeches, listening to economic lecture, then an anthropology video. Atleast it was cruise. I have a quiz and speech on thursday, and two midterms both on monday, aaahhh!

Well I'm going to go watch some TV to kill time. I start class super late tomorrow, at 1:30 so I can stay up late AND sleep in :) yay. <3.

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