Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

The only good thing about Spring Break being over; is that Summer vacation gets closer. My vacation seemed very long haha, but I had so much fun each day. Everyday is so entertaining with my family, especially with my siblings. Spent my time eating all kinds of food, taking my brother to his t-ball games/practices, obsessing over twilight movie and reading my book. I was very strict on my spending and didn't but much (no clothes!).

John worked practically all week so I saw him first thing in the morning (he sleeps over with me when I visit) until he goes to work then late at night when he's done. It's amazing how he still makes me laugh my ass off and understands my crazy ways.

I left my camera USB at home :'( *freaks out* so I can't upload the pics and videos I planned on editing to make a 'spring break' video. GAHHHH! And my laptop doesn't have the right port for my memory card. So oh wellllll...

I'm so obsessed (so is my mom and sister) over the Twilight Saga. I have like 2 posters of Edward lol and like watch everything Twilight on youtube. I love New Moon<3.>
*New video posted: Haul: MAC, China Glaze, and other goodies. (yay for zebra nails)!


  1. i love your nails they're so cute. i don't think i'll be able to do that though because i'm so uncoordinated when painting my own nails haha.

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