Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life, as of now.

Being here at school changes my moods. It may sound weird but I only enjoy being here at UH when I'm in class. Because in class I learn a lot, feel like I can interract with people, and concentrate on getting things done. But when I'm not in class and I'm just in my dorm, or getting some food I feel so disconnected. Like I was gettting dinner last night and I felt so like.. alone, or out of place. I felt like everyone was looking at me or I felt like I didn't belong in this place. And I feel that way a lot. It's like being stuck in a public place ALL THE TIME. Well it is actually. I can't wait to move to Hilo and get my own apartment OFF-CAMPUS. So then when I'm done with school I'm OUT OF SCHOOL and not surronded by these 'college' kids all the damn time. You know what I mean? At least in high school I could just drive away and look foreward to going home. But here, it's not the same. I guess just having lack of transportation and lack of a lot of options makes it harder for me. But that's just me.

Anyways I'm bummed I don't have my USB because I want to make videos. So I'm brainstorming ways to make videos. I do have quick capture but the sound doesn't work!!!! So I don't know how to fix it haha.

I did well on my economics midterm! I got above average so thank goodness. I stayed up all night to study for that midterm. That really made my day. Oh and on another note; it's funny how people are so interested in my NAILS! Even a GUY was like, oh nice nails did you do them yourself?! LOL!!

I'm gonna find a way to edit my blogspot layout. I'm gonna go download paint shop pro, I miss making my own graphics, hmmm..


  1. Your banner is super cute.

    Oh gosh, economics.. I had that class my first semester in college. Little did I know what I was getting into. That was by far one of the hardest class I had. I'm just happy I passed. Really hope you do well in your other exams and your other classes ;)

    BTW, how is the china glaze nail polish? I'm still debating on it.

  2. aww i hope you feel better about the whole school situation. i was thinking of applying to UHM but from your point of view, maybe i should rethink things. lol. how fun you're gonna move to the big island! =) something like maui but totally diff if you catch my drift.