Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love my subbies!

So I'm at home (on Maui) in my room, supposed to be researching things for my speech; but ofcourse got off track. Anyways I wanted to blog because I got 10 subscribers in ONE DAY.. haha well to me that's a lot. I have 180 now, it's so weird haha but yeah thanks to my new subbies.

I also put a watermark on my new videos so hopefully that will stop girlyvue from STEALING my videos. And if you haven't heard about it I made a little video about how I feel. But from now on I'm gonna be more careful.

Today was such a long day. My boyfriend and I took my siblings to see the Hannah Montana movie, it was gooood. But so crowded, it was nuts! Ate at the food court, then a bbq at my boyfriend's house.

Okay so I've become twitter obsessed (thanks to my friends); so follow ME :) my user name's NIKKITHEBRAT. It's funny 'cause my bf wonders why I get those twitter txts haha he doesn't get it.

Well gonna go to bed, bye loves, xx.

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