Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad Hair Day Solutions (YT VIDEO)

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was very productive! So I've been going home on weekends (since the airfare is reasonable) and slowly bringing back things from my dorm back home. Since the superferry is gone, and I was planning on using the ferry to bring my things back, I'm doing it the hard way ARGH!

So Ethan turned 6 years old on the 14th so I went home to celebrate. We took him to the park and all the good stuff kids like. Friday had a really nice dinner with John and his family at Dragon Dragon (chinese restaurant). Saturday woke up early to go to the park and play some t-ball with Ethan and my sister and jog a little. Yesterday my boyfriend took my siblings and I to Iao Valley to swim, loved it! I have to go there more often.

I have two new vids; it's part1&2 for BAD HAIR DAY SOLUTIONS. I thought this would be helpful since I use these styles almost everyday when I don't have time in the morning or don't really care for making my hair too done-up.

I have an online quiz due at midnight so I'm gonna study real quick. If you have any ideas on new videos I should make, let me know! I need some requests. Thanks =)

xx, Nikki.

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