Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Increase the peace!

Hey so I'm currently TRYING to study for my anthropology quiz. It's kinda of boring and common sense type things so I'm not too worried. I have my speech tomorrow ahh! I'm getting a little nervous. Anyways I'm watching my roommates dog (no were not supposed to have one) 'cause she was whining so she's just cruising around my room.

Next week is going to be HELL. Why? Because I have like 4 EXAMS and 1 SPEECH. Like that's insane! 2 EXAMS on Monday, one on thursday (speech on thursday, too!), and one on Friday. GRR I'm so worried and mad. lol.

So a friend of mine deleted her youtube because of people hating. And that is so lame, for people to hate like that! It's like.. why come on myspace to just leave nasty comments. It's like you have no life. And that person is probably a stupid insecure person on their computer typing away thinking THEY'RE SOOOO COOL. So lame. It's like, fuckk off haters. Sorry for the language. I get some haters too. Like one person said 'who cares about your hair?' It's like, well don't watch FOOL the title only says NEW HAIR, dummmmy.

It's okay val, you do what you do girl; I'm gonna miss the vids :(.

So there's my little rant. I cleaned my room today, major! And did a room tour so I'm gonna do that later 'cause I'm gonna be busy.

BTW, youtube for me is just for fun. A way of expressing myself, because I love love design, fashion, makeup and organizing. So deal with it =P!

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  1. aww thanks! as much as i want to start doing videos again, i dont think i will because i felt like i wasted so much time :( but its alright it was fun while it lasted! cant wait to see more videoss from you girl! <3