Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've had this blogspot since.. December? And didn't plan on using it. But since a lot of youtubers use it, I think I should too. I guess this is where I'll just keep people up to date of videos. 'Cause I can't type it all out on that left sidebar haha.

So, I usually tape 2 videos at a time on days I decide to create a video. So I don't upload them right away. I kind of wait a day or two and post one. So I have about 4 videos already done, that I just haven't posted yet. They include: golden brown tutorial, foundation application, vanity re-do, and purple & gray tutorial. So keep an eye out for those.

I am SO happy that people are liking my organization/design videos. It doesn't really matter to me how many views I get, as long as each person who watches takes something from my videos. If you can't tell already my videos are more informative than simply just entertainment. I LOVE sharing my tips with people, and I have so many more ideas!

I want to start doing some tips for dorm decorationg and organizing. But one day I'll have to get that all set up and make a list of tips I have, sooo exciting :).

My bulletin board video I made.. it's not as good as I wanted it to be, so I'm going to re-do it one day. But that video is just so time-consuming. And I think I'm gonna buy some new materials because the ones I have now (fabric and ribbon) are too light and the camera doesn't catch it well. I want good quality videos!

Okay well that's just an update. If you don't really care haha I'm sorry you started reading ;).

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